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Pastel Brites

There’s a certain temperature that I will tolerate before my fingers start turning blue and I start turning into a hermit. That temperature was almost breached today. With temperatures in Brisbane plunging to a chilly 15 degrees and my breakfast toast visibly steaming on my plate, I made the decision to try brave the weather and make the perilous journey to Spotlight.

To combat the overcast day, I decided to dress in the brightest colours available to me in my wardrobe—pastels!

Here’s the rundown:

White Knit Cap - Cotton On, $2

Gold Heart Necklace - eBay, $1.30

Cream Trench Coat - Target, $30 (60% off sale—down from $80!)

Pink Sleeveless Blouse - Target, $10.56 (Hand-sewed a white ribbon onto the front)

Gold Cicada Ring - eBay, $1.20

Mint Jeans - Kmart, $15

Nude Pointed Pumps - $5, Rubi (I love you, DFO!)

Total: $65!

It’s not bad for a complete outfit. With a few DIY touches like the ribbon on the front of the shirt (I actually added that on to alter the “tie front” because I didn’t like it) and the plain pumps soon to be embellished with flowers or ribbons or such for a whole new look.

On another note, I’ve been doing heaps of shopping on eBay recently (see the new heart necklace and cicada ring) but today ASOS launched a huge 50% off sale so I know where my sights are set for the next week! Check it out while you still can!

For full-priced items, just to make it feel like a sale as well, use the code “GRAZIASHOP" on your order to get 20% off!

Have fun this week, rug up well, and remember never to pay full price. ;)

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