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20% Off in ASOS 

Oh my gosh, what pretty dresses we have here!

I have a particular weakness for ASOS things as of late, and I have spent many hours browsing this website, looking up the current bargains and jumping up and down in a Yosemite Sam fashion when I see that the only sizes available are >16 (for all you bigger girls out there, ASOS is your freaking goldmine for sales). I did snap up a cute dress from there which should be arriving within the week, and I will be giving my full review of it then, so keep in mind that I can’t attest to the quality of items on this website.

But with all the sales going on there, my head is spinning. There is no way that you’d find a good-quality, chic, $20 dress in Australia unless you’ve donned the full camouflage gear and have a pair of binoculars swinging from around your neck as you stealthily stalk those places that try their darndest to rip every cent from your innocent, little bargain-bin wallet.

The accessories on ASOS are also pretty much to die for, and while some are stunningly unique, keep in mind that there are styles so popular that they’ve made their way into Asian sweatshops and straight onto eBay for a fraction of the price.

Take these two examples as things out of my own collection:

Owl Ring

ASOS Version:

And Mary Owl Ring, $13 (down from $22)

eBay Version:

Hot Fashion Vintage Retro Style Cute Owl Shape Ring Copper Color, $1

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an amazing can’t-tell-the-difference substitute, but it is a suitable substitute all the same. I personally bought an owl ring from eBay and I still wear it, whenever the occasion calls. Keep in mind that with fake jewellery from eBay, you will experience a lot of tarnishing. To prevent this, I coat the ring in good-quality clear nail polish and this basically fixes the problem for me.

Another substitute:

Heart Necklace

ASOS Version:

Gogo Phillip Heart Charm Necklace, $6.50 (down from $11.35)

eBay Version:

Gold Color Lucky Tiny Heart Korean Fashion Necklace, $1.80

Not a monstrous saving, but still, onlookers to your fab outfits will not notice the difference, and you’ll be sure to get away with it like a smiling Cheshire cat.

And for all my wonderful followers, or anyone who bothered to read this whole post, I have a present for you:

A 20% voucher off your full-priced purchase at ASOS, this weekend only!

Just use this coupon code at checkout:


A little note to my readers—It’s okay to invest in cheap accessories, even if you know that they’re going to look wrecked within half a year or so, tarnished, blackened, chipped, so on and so forth. When you’re buying with a mind for fashion and “what’s hot right now”, sometimes it’s okay to make these purchases. I know I personally buy myself expensive things only when I know they’re timeless and can be transferred to many different fashions that will come about in the future (for example, a plain pair of black kitten heels).
If you’re like me though and you like to dress for fun, and work with inspirations that come your way from current fashions.. it becomes unnecessary to spend your entire paypacket on something you’ll wear once or twice in a season.
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