Recent Style Savings

I know some people may think that saving money by spending money is completely hypocritical but sometimes, honey, knowing when to spend and when not to spend is the key to success when you want to look good on a budget.

So today I’ll take you a few of my recent purchases of mine that are didn’t cost much, but are nice investments for the future.

First of all was the Geometric necklace (eBay, $2.70) seen on the previous post.

Now I bought this for around $3 on eBay, and it’s a pretty good replica of the House of Harlow necklace that you can buy from anywhere between $80 and $200 depending on where you go. In Australia, replicas of this style range anywhere between $15 and $20, which is still pretty expensive to me. Considering that large, statement jewelery like this is going to continue to be big over Winter, I’m going to wear this necklace several times before I have to put it away. It’s just that fabulous!

The next thing I bought is a little thing, really, but so far it goes with the mustard dress and the 60’s blue/green dress (I should know, I trialled it all weekend). Not only that, but it’s in this season’s hottest color—burgundy!

This burgundy bangle was only $2 from Rubi on sale! I prefer to buy these sorts of large pieces from Australia because it’s rare to find a bangle on eBay for cheaper than what you’ll find here. I find they incorporate shipping costs into the price which is probably the reason why you can’t find a single decent bangle there for under $6. So this was a pretty neat buy for me.

The last buy was also my best buy of the week. Month. Year? I found these beauties at Famous Footwear, and they’ve quickly rocketed up to my favorites list!

Black patent Oxford pumps. Classic, elegant, comfortable, and the heel is thick enough that I don’t start having hallucinations of death whenever I put them on, despite the fact they’re pretty damn high for me.

The best part of all? They’re brand-new, and cost me a cool $10 from Famous Footwear. They also came in ordinary pleather and suede, and there were at least 5 various pairs left on the shelves in Carindale when I bought these, and I kind of regret not buying 2 pairs. Or all of them. It was really the highlight of my day though, and proof that you don’t have to blow your budget on a pair of gorgeous-lookin’ shoes.

If there are any doubts to the accuracy of my data, read the box for yourself:

Famous Footwear, you are my heroes!

I hope this inspired some others to get out there and give bargain hunting a go, because there are amazing deals out there just waiting for you!

What are you waiting for, girls?

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Onto Cotton On

My package from Cotton On has arrived! I took this as an opportunity to group the two of my Cotton On-related purchases together, while blotting out the few things that I did buy but that I am terrible ashamed of and gives bargainers a bad name and also I want to return this item because of the shame I am currently feeling.

Right! With that settled, let’s get into the few cool little dealios I picked up from Cotton On over the last week.

Online Purchases

First on the agenda are these cute little sneakers that I bought from the online store:

They’re called “Plimsoles” (I can’t even fathom where that name came from to be honest), and you’ll find a whole range of them from the Cotton On “sister store” Rubi for a sweet $5!

Please don’t make me vouch for their quality—they’re five dollar shoes, guys. I have very high arches on my feet so they’re sensitive to flat soles and I will be getting some orthopedic insoles for these, but if you’re (enviably) like the twenty million other girls in this country who seem to be able to wear ballet flats without a hitch, then I’m sure that measure won’t be necessary for you!

To go with these numbers, I also bought myself some $2 socks that I always seem to want, but can never find for decent price, or at all, really.

Well, they definitely don’t go with the shoes, but I needed them anyways. Little sheer spotted ankle-socks to go with my Audrey—I mean Aldi—kitten heels, and some pretty pointelle socks to go with I’m not exactly sure just yet.

My initial reason for the online order was not to buy these items though, what a girl really really needs and can never get enough of, is pretty lace bras. This style is called the Cinderella Contour Bra, and as soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I must have it. My mother taught me from long ago that a simple, potentially-not-entirely-accurate-but-still-pretty-worthwhile test for a good bra was the thickness (height) of the fabric between the cups. Avoid flimsy little adjoining strip between the cups. I follow this rule and it has never steered me wrong.

Sadly, that is not me. But with that bra, I am now one step closer to being like her.

There’s also a black and nude and hot pink (somewhere) variety on sale at Cotton On Body for $10. For such a beautiful bra, I felt no guilt in splurging.

Offline Purchases

True to my nature, I couldn’t stay away from the weekend sale that Cotton On had.. on. Much to my disappointment, not all their sale items were at 50%, because that should have logically made the socks $1, but there they were, still sitting there with smarmy looks on their faces on sale at $2 a pair. Can’t complain, but if I were a hardcore bargainer, I probably would have.

Something pretty cool that I did pick up was this pair of sunnies for $2.

They’re a nice style, I thought, with light peach stripes running across the frames. There’s no use in buying cheap sunnies that don’t suit you though, so I was there for about 15 minutes, running to and from the dressing room with sunglasses in my hands, and bags in my other hands, and my clutch in my other other hands, and it was a right mess, really, but I’m glad I made the effort. There were sunnies for both $5 and $2, but I was lucky that the ones that perfectly suited me cost the latter.

Just in time for the end of Summer, I’ll be sure to get some use out of them while it’s still absurdly hot, before the cooler months arrive (when the weather encourages slightly less complaining about how absurdly hot it is).

Another double-dollar sale item (well, items) that I snagged were these gorgeous, gorgeous caps.

For another $2 each. This style also comes in the colour black, but it didn’t suit my dark hair very nicely and I plan to wear a lot of neutral, natural colours this Winter, and black is something I’ll be trying to steer away from.

So those are the bargains I found at Cotton On! I know that this store doesn’t always bring the word “chic” to mind, but with just the right sort of purchases, you may just walk out, proud and frugal, and on your way to a glamorous outfit.

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Sneaky Shopping

So I snuck in yet another trip to the shops shortly after my hairband fiasco (my wallet still cries from the memories, it demands to know why anyone could need that many hairbands, and judging from the looks the girl at the counter gave me, she must have been pretty curious too). Can you blame me? I’m an obsessed woman on a budget.

There weren’t a lot of deals about, truthfully. I looked at Equip for what must have been the millionth time in the span of two months—yes, they were still selling that necklace that I was lusting over, and yes, it was still full price and at $25 (it’s the fifth one down, “Extra Long Tassels” ). Now it was beyond me why someone would ruin that necklace with those tassels, but having been after a wide Omega necklace for some time now, I have been stalking this shop like a crazed ex-girlfriend.

For now though, I stumbled upon the perfect replacement, and it was cheap, too!

In the heart of Carindale, tucked between a Millers and a Bras N Things, was the cheap accessories store called “Jezebel Jewellery”.

They had absolutely charming little things for sale, though the majority of the fashions were not very on-trend, but pretty all the same. What initially caught my eye was their $5 special on mirrors; they had the most beautiful, delicate makeup mirrors! But.. unfortunately I didn’t need them, cute as they were.

Still, there’s no harm in looking at the other pretty shinies, right??

Hallelujah, lo and behold, after a few minutes of browsing, I found something that immediately sparked my interest.

Oh my gosh, an Omega necklace.. just for me, and priced oh-so-right at $2!! Well, I simply had to have it, and that was that. You’ll see further details on how I incorporate this baby into an outfit very soon!

This necklace is both available in silver and gold, though those with thicker-set necks should steer away from them—I wouldn’t say I was particularly “fatter” than most average girls, but it was a struggle not to cut myself on the ends when putting on this necklace and trying not to stretch it out at the same time.

And it became my precious.

I also had a bit of time to pop into Big W and something that caught my eye were the absolutely adorable trends in the girls’ section right now. Yes.. the girls’ section. Not the women’s section; note the difference, because I do a lot of shopping in both of those sections and they are not equal in the least!

This particular day, they were having a sale where there were several items in this section reduced to clear. In this sale, I picked up the most adorable paper bag shorts in a lovely ocean blue colour for $10. There were only a couple of these and I was very, very thankful that I could squeeze into the size 14’s, though barely (remember, girls’ size 14, not women’s!). I’ll be trying to incorporate them into an outfit soon, but I definitely have some ideas swirling in my head.

Keep an eye out for them!

Until next time, happy bargain hunting!


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Hairband Hangups

So, the compulsive side of me was determined to get in some shopping this week, so I popped down to my local Westfield (Carindale, specifically) and kept an eye out for some bargains.

Now, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.. No, seriously, it isn’t what it used to be, I went to the optometrist at Big W while I was there, to get my eyes checked, and it was found that I went up a size, unfortunately. You know what that means? Thicker glasses! At least glasses are somewhat in fashion now, but I shudder to think about what it will mean for me when the fashion dies down. God forbid somebody assume I’m intelligent..

Anyways, where was I?

There are a few good sales floating around nowadays. Nothing to get excited over in particular, but you do have to keep your eye out for hidden gems—discounted items and clearance items in particular. I stopped by Diva, though my wallet warned me not to due to some of the pricetags they put on cheap Chinese jewellry.. but damn, I just couldn’t stay away from the shiny things. (Some men even speculate that I was a Magpie in a previous lifetime)

I was glad I made that stop though, because right out front, there was a whole bunch of hairbands on sale, and any of my friends know that I have a serious, professional-help-needed-right-here obsession over hairbands. I am wearing one as we speak!

There was no way I wasn’t leaving that store without a hairband and a somewhat lighter wallet.

Little did I know that I would walk out.. with ten.

I have problems.

Now, according to all the stickers, I spent about $34, which, I suppose, to some, would be a fair enough price—$3.50 per hairband. However, this isn’t so! What made this sale super special was that they had advertised a “6-for-$10” deal above the rack! So, since I had picked up six items (including the “packs” which contained more than one hairband), this came down to a measly $1 each.

You’ve gotta be happy about that.

Had I bought these hairbands several months ago, and I calculated the original price of the hairbands from the back of the tag, you would have spent a little under $70.

This just goes to show what a little patience and snooping around can do for your wallet.

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