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Carbon Copies III

As you’ve noticed, the last issue of Carbon Copies was also jewelery related. There were too many pieces to fit into that post, so I decided to separate the categories into necklaces and everything else. There are plenty more examples I could have shown you, but for brevity’s sake (because I had already been working on this post for several hours), I’m only showing you some of my favorites.

I like collars and chokers. Peter Pan collars, plain oblate collars, wide statement chokers—they’re all very eye-catching, but oh-so expensive in stores! Sportsgirl is probably the worst perpetrator here—often selling $30 necklaces; quality replicas that can be found for a couple of dollars online if you’re persistent and know where to look.

1. Diva Geometric Enamel Collar, $20 | eBay, $2

2. Diva Golden Thick Collar, $20 | eBay, $3.70

3. Sportsgirl Silver Delicate V Collar, $17 | eBay, $1.60

4. Sportsgirl Classy Collar, $30 | eBay, $7.29

5. ASOS Limited Edition Rhinestone Collar Necklace, $30.60 | eBay, $4.30

6. Sportsgirl Gold Mesh Collar, $30 | eBay, $5.80

7. ASOS Metal Collar Necklace, $20 | eBay, $4

Sportsgirl, I would like to take this opportunity to wag my finger at your overpriced-ness and your horrible, inconvenient Flash website. There are no words available to express how happy I am that you never have anything worth buying in the first place that could possibly tempt me into visiting your site ever again. It is just that abysmal. All-Flash websites are so 2006, get with the program!

As always, some of these necklaces come in different colours (silver, rose gold, bronze, etc) on eBay and it’s just a quick search to figure out which one is your favorite!

With these necklaces though, they tarnish faster than the store version (sometimes the store version tarnishes just as quickly, though) so whichever location you choose to buy from, make sure you invest in a gloss spray to coat your jewelery and make it last longer. I originally did this with nail polish, but it’s tedious to do on large surfaces and the finish isn’t always even, so I bought half a litre of gloss spray and now I just give it a quick spritz outside every time I get a new piece in the mail. Easy peasy.

Outfit of the Week

I had a lot of fun with this outfit! I dragged out an old coat that I bought from the US when I went shopping in Los Angeles (from a store called Ross, which is basically the all-clothing version of The Reject Shop) and hadn’t worn since. It finally got its chance to shine when I rescued it from storage and now thanks to its length, Tiffany-blue colour and warmth, I think it will be making an appearance in a lot of future outfits.. for this Winter anyways.

The shirt is something that I wanted to share with you—ASOS sold a similar shirt for $40, but thanks to sneaky Chinese copycats, I managed to cut 3/4s off the price. Woo!

Because of ASOS’ popularity, a lot of their more plain numbers are being ripped off, and for a poor girl like me, I couldn’t be happier (admitting that’s going to get me so many fans, isn’t it?). If you see something you like on ASOS, make sure to poke an eye at eBay first for the “generic” version if you can—the quality won’t be as nice in most cases (it is counterfeit, after all), but if that doesn’t bother you and you’re strapped for cash, it won’t hurt to have a look.

So here’s what you’re all waiting for, the rundown:

Hairband - Diva, $1

Ribbon - Ordinary satin kind (this is becoming one of  my staples lately), free

Doki-Geki trench coat - Ross, $10

Heart Print Shirt - eBay, $8

Bow Front Shorts - Dotti, $29

Bonds Footless Tights - Big W, $5

Black patent Oxford pumps - Famous Footwear, $10

Total: $63. This isn’t my most frugal outfit by far, but it’s not bad at all (especially since it includes shoes)! For added warmth, Valley Girl are selling plain, $5 long-sleeved shirts in all the staple colours—white, cream, black, beige, maroon, etc, which I wore under this top when I wore it in another outfit last week and it’s sure to keep you nice and toasty.

Oh, and for anyone who is interested.. My glandular fever is getting a lot better! My throat has cleared up and all that’s left is this insane fatigue where I take a nap at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, sleep until 9pm, eat, then go to bed at 10 o’clock again and sleep through until 10am. Insane, just insane!

Outfit of the Week

Here’s a peek at a new frugal ensemble for you guys that I wore on the weekend during my shopping trip. I’m still somewhat ASOS addicted, sadly, but at least I’m limiting myself to buying dresses there because of the lack of pretty dresses available in Australia and my strict “no dresses under $25” policy. That being said, this outfit followed all the rules, thankfully!

This season, we’re seeing a lot of navy, burgundy and gold/mustard colours about, and while navy is a true favorite colour of mine, I wear it all the time, so I thought I’d give the mustard trend a small celebration with the following outfit. (Considering that burgundy is hard work when you have red hair!)

Here’s the rundown:

Black hairband - Diva, $1 (I have no shame, I’m such a hairband addict)

Geometric necklace - eBay, $2.70

Black patent belt - Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

RARE Dress* - ASOS, $20

Stockings - Big W, $5 (in a 2 for $10 pack!)

Boots - Target, $25

Total: $53.70!

With this outfit, because it was quite chilly on the day, I also added a cream Vero Moda fur jacket that I picked up from eBay for $19, but it’s not necessary to make the outfit :o) However, even with that, the total ends up at $72.70 for a complete outfit, which isn’t shabby for Autumn chic!

*A note about the RARE brand, sizing seems to run pretty small. I’m generally a size 8 in Aussie dresses, and this dress is a size 10 and I feel like I’m being strangled by a boa constrictor when I put it on and I’m always afraid of tearing it when I take it off. I could have gone a size 12 in this dress, seriously!

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