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Find out how to add sold-out items to your ASOS wishlist!

Something sold out in your size that you’re just dying to have? This might be a handy little trick for you ;)

Here’s my April Wishlist!¬†All items are under $35 each! ;)

Outfit of the Week

Here’s a peek at a new frugal ensemble for you guys that I wore on the weekend during my shopping trip. I’m still somewhat ASOS addicted, sadly, but at least I’m limiting myself to buying dresses there because of the lack of pretty dresses available in Australia and my strict “no dresses under $25” policy. That being said, this outfit followed all the rules, thankfully!

This season, we’re seeing a lot of navy, burgundy and gold/mustard colours about, and while navy is a true favorite colour of mine, I wear it all the time, so I thought I’d give the mustard trend a small celebration with the following outfit. (Considering that burgundy is hard work when you have red hair!)

Here’s the rundown:

Black hairband - Diva, $1 (I have no shame, I’m such a hairband addict)

Geometric necklace - eBay, $2.70

Black patent belt - Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

RARE Dress* - ASOS, $20

Stockings - Big W, $5 (in a 2 for $10 pack!)

Boots - Target, $25

Total: $53.70!

With this outfit, because it was quite chilly on the day, I also added a cream Vero Moda fur jacket that I picked up from eBay for $19, but it’s not necessary to make the outfit :o) However, even with that, the total ends up at $72.70 for a complete outfit, which isn’t shabby for Autumn chic!

*A note about the RARE brand, sizing seems to run pretty small. I’m generally a size 8 in Aussie dresses, and this dress is a size 10 and I feel like I’m being strangled by a boa constrictor when I put it on and I’m always afraid of tearing it when I take it off. I could have gone a size 12 in this dress, seriously!

ASOS is leading me to madness. 

I bought a lovely skirt from ASOS recently (for about $20 thanks to my coupon code, woot woot!) and it arrived just a few short days ago and I love it—despite it being a size ten, it fits me well because the material has no give in it whatsoever and neither, unfortunately, do my hips (so they’re well-suited to each other in that regard).

However, one thing that cemented my decision to buy the skirt was during the catwalk clip, where a good friend pointed out a hidden feature to me. He notified me to the existence of pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets? I love pockets. I have always complained to many a boyfriend about how I always have to carry a shoulder bag around, even when I only have my wallet and keys on me, and my back, and my slipped disks and my hernias, etc etc.

So I bought the skirt, expecting pockets.

I received the skirt, and it had those promised pockets, but with one flaw—they were sewn closed. I’m not joking! They had neatly and thoroughly sewn the pockets closed about 4/5 of the way through the opening so I could only really stick my pinkie inside the opening of the pocket.

I’m not sure I understand this. The skirt has “pouches” sewn in for the pockets (as I discovered when I turned the skirt inside out to figure out what was going on), they are 100% capable of carrying stuff in them, but they just.. don’t want you to put anything in there.

WHY DO YOU CONFUSE ME SO? Why have you sewn closed my perfectly functioning pockets?! What is wrong with you people!? Do you do this to all the pockets you put on your clothes?! And then you sit in pocket-related board meetings and giggle about how many people you’ve confused with your pocket-related decisions?! DO YOU?

And that’s my rant of the week.

Awesome ASOS

I’ve been buying things from ASOS like a crazy person. Who can blame me, when we have the prices we do in Australia?? Among my most recent purchases which I have yet to bother to photograph and put up, I bought this abso-freaking-lutely amazing 60s inspired dress. The 60s is in right now in Australia, with block colours and chunky jewellery being a favorite amongst stylists lately, and I just love looking retro, so there was no way I would pass this bargain up.

For around $20 (I had a coupon code for 10%, also)!!

It’s a size 10 dress and a little large for me, but the belt covers the gaping in the waist very nicely and you could hardly tell that it was too big for me (for once, I thank you, oh childbearing-hips-that-fill-clothes-up).

And does anybody recognize the necklace around my neck? It’s the choker from Equip. Just like I predicted, when sale time rolled around, they had a whole bunch of stock left and reduced it from $25 to a measly $5.

So I quickly snapped it up for myself and now I have a beautiful choker! With the long pink and gold chains that were hanging from the tags at the front, I’ve replaced some blackened chains from the necklaces that I bought from eBay, and now I’m able to wear my old necklaces all over again. First point of order was to replace the reindeer chain (see the necklace with the new chain in a previous post in Carbon Chic).

So here’s the countdown:

Gold choker - Equip, $5

Chunky black snakeskin bangle - Target, from a set that cost $5 altogether

Dress - ASOS, I paid $21.17

Black patent belt - Target Kids, Free (from a dress that my mother bought for herself)

Black patent heels - Aldi, $20

Total: $51.17!

Now to backcomb my hair and drive off into the night in my man’s Cadillac!

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