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ASOS up to 50% off sale 

I normally hate to promote brands that I’m not 100% comfortable with, but ASOS’ fabulous service has me down as a customer for life.

A month or so ago, I ordered a dress from ASOS after asking their department whether the dress was reversible (it showed two pictures under the “black” description, one black, and one black-and-white (a color that wasn’t listed on its own), and also said something about a zip fastening to reverse, so I assumed it was reversible and asked them to confirm it before I purchased it). I got the okay from their department and went ahead to confirm the purchase. It arrived pretty quickly and lo and behold it wasn’t reversible. I was annoyed because I wanted a black and white dress more than the black variety (I have so much black in my cupboard and I don’t really need any more) so I emailed them and asked them to return it.

I had a sleepover at someone’s house the following night and left the dress on the table, and my mother had grabbed it and stuck it in the washing machine (she does this with all new clothing, just automatically). So I emailed ASOS back and I said nevermind about it because my mother had washed the dress and obviously I couldn’t return it anymore.

They immediately issued me a full refund anyways! I was absolutely amazed and immediately hopped onto their site to order myself something else with the money they’d returned to me. So yeah, I am one very impressed customer—Go check out their sale stuff!

20% Off in ASOS 

Oh my gosh, what pretty dresses we have here!

I have a particular weakness for ASOS things as of late, and I have spent many hours browsing this website, looking up the current bargains and jumping up and down in a Yosemite Sam fashion when I see that the only sizes available are >16 (for all you bigger girls out there, ASOS is your freaking goldmine for sales). I did snap up a cute dress from there which should be arriving within the week, and I will be giving my full review of it then, so keep in mind that I can’t attest to the quality of items on this website.

But with all the sales going on there, my head is spinning. There is no way that you’d find a good-quality, chic, $20 dress in Australia unless you’ve donned the full camouflage gear and have a pair of binoculars swinging from around your neck as you stealthily stalk those places that try their darndest to rip every cent from your innocent, little bargain-bin wallet.

The accessories on ASOS are also pretty much to die for, and while some are stunningly unique, keep in mind that there are styles so popular that they’ve made their way into Asian sweatshops and straight onto eBay for a fraction of the price.

Take these two examples as things out of my own collection:

Owl Ring

ASOS Version:

And Mary Owl Ring, $13 (down from $22)

eBay Version:

Hot Fashion Vintage Retro Style Cute Owl Shape Ring Copper Color, $1

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an amazing can’t-tell-the-difference substitute, but it is a suitable substitute all the same. I personally bought an owl ring from eBay and I still wear it, whenever the occasion calls. Keep in mind that with fake jewellery from eBay, you will experience a lot of tarnishing. To prevent this, I coat the ring in good-quality clear nail polish and this basically fixes the problem for me.

Another substitute:

Heart Necklace

ASOS Version:

Gogo Phillip Heart Charm Necklace, $6.50 (down from $11.35)

eBay Version:

Gold Color Lucky Tiny Heart Korean Fashion Necklace, $1.80

Not a monstrous saving, but still, onlookers to your fab outfits will not notice the difference, and you’ll be sure to get away with it like a smiling Cheshire cat.

And for all my wonderful followers, or anyone who bothered to read this whole post, I have a present for you:

A 20% voucher off your full-priced purchase at ASOS, this weekend only!

Just use this coupon code at checkout:


Onto Cotton On

My package from Cotton On has arrived! I took this as an opportunity to group the two of my Cotton On-related purchases together, while blotting out the few things that I did buy but that I am terrible ashamed of and gives bargainers a bad name and also I want to return this item because of the shame I am currently feeling.

Right! With that settled, let’s get into the few cool little dealios I picked up from Cotton On over the last week.

Online Purchases

First on the agenda are these cute little sneakers that I bought from the online store:

They’re called “Plimsoles” (I can’t even fathom where that name came from to be honest), and you’ll find a whole range of them from the Cotton On “sister store” Rubi for a sweet $5!

Please don’t make me vouch for their quality—they’re five dollar shoes, guys. I have very high arches on my feet so they’re sensitive to flat soles and I will be getting some orthopedic insoles for these, but if you’re (enviably) like the twenty million other girls in this country who seem to be able to wear ballet flats without a hitch, then I’m sure that measure won’t be necessary for you!

To go with these numbers, I also bought myself some $2 socks that I always seem to want, but can never find for decent price, or at all, really.

Well, they definitely don’t go with the shoes, but I needed them anyways. Little sheer spotted ankle-socks to go with my Audrey—I mean Aldi—kitten heels, and some pretty pointelle socks to go with I’m not exactly sure just yet.

My initial reason for the online order was not to buy these items though, what a girl really really needs and can never get enough of, is pretty lace bras. This style is called the Cinderella Contour Bra, and as soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I must have it. My mother taught me from long ago that a simple, potentially-not-entirely-accurate-but-still-pretty-worthwhile test for a good bra was the thickness (height) of the fabric between the cups. Avoid flimsy little adjoining strip between the cups. I follow this rule and it has never steered me wrong.

Sadly, that is not me. But with that bra, I am now one step closer to being like her.

There’s also a black and nude and hot pink (somewhere) variety on sale at Cotton On Body for $10. For such a beautiful bra, I felt no guilt in splurging.

Offline Purchases

True to my nature, I couldn’t stay away from the weekend sale that Cotton On had.. on. Much to my disappointment, not all their sale items were at 50%, because that should have logically made the socks $1, but there they were, still sitting there with smarmy looks on their faces on sale at $2 a pair. Can’t complain, but if I were a hardcore bargainer, I probably would have.

Something pretty cool that I did pick up was this pair of sunnies for $2.

They’re a nice style, I thought, with light peach stripes running across the frames. There’s no use in buying cheap sunnies that don’t suit you though, so I was there for about 15 minutes, running to and from the dressing room with sunglasses in my hands, and bags in my other hands, and my clutch in my other other hands, and it was a right mess, really, but I’m glad I made the effort. There were sunnies for both $5 and $2, but I was lucky that the ones that perfectly suited me cost the latter.

Just in time for the end of Summer, I’ll be sure to get some use out of them while it’s still absurdly hot, before the cooler months arrive (when the weather encourages slightly less complaining about how absurdly hot it is).

Another double-dollar sale item (well, items) that I snagged were these gorgeous, gorgeous caps.

For another $2 each. This style also comes in the colour black, but it didn’t suit my dark hair very nicely and I plan to wear a lot of neutral, natural colours this Winter, and black is something I’ll be trying to steer away from.

So those are the bargains I found at Cotton On! I know that this store doesn’t always bring the word “chic” to mind, but with just the right sort of purchases, you may just walk out, proud and frugal, and on your way to a glamorous outfit.

Katies' Autumn Sale 

With free shipping on all orders, it’s really worth taking a look at the current sale on at Katies. Normally even with a sale the prices are too high for me, but not with their coupon code that allows any buyer $20 off their order (with a $20 minimum order). Judging by prices in that store, you could walk away with something like a couple of shirts for $4.95.

This is what I picked up for $4.95 (original price $24.95):

By all means, even if the fashion here isn’t your thing, take a peek, you never know what you’ll find.

Oh yes, and the coupon code you can use is:


Mirinesse Cosmetics freebie offer!

Bah-bah-dadada! I know it’s been a long time since I posted, but I’ve been a spoiled girl and tried not to take any photos of my impromptu outfit selections because I suffer from a lack of photographer at the moment and I was waiting until the previous photoshoot was at least on the next page so you couldn’t see the stark contrast between my photography skills and Sophie’s..

Anyways, I digress! Today’s post is about the superfantasticdeal that I’ve come across. Thanks to Mirinesse Cosmetics, you and a friend can get a free tube of lipgloss worth $29.95! FOR FREE!! EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!


Okay, I think that thoroughly conveys my excitement on the issue.All you need to do is to “like” their page, sign up to the offer, and give a special URL generated from signing up to a friend of yours, so that they can sign up from your referral. Hey presto, you both get free lipgloss! Does that make sense? The page will probably do a better job at explaining than I do, so click away, my pretties! This promotion will expire after 1000 entries, so what are you waiting for?!

It is a marketing ploy by Mirinesse to get more likes to their page, but I mean come on, all you’re sacrificing is five minutes of your time and your social security number.

No, I’m just joking about that last part.

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